Torch Hill Investment Partners


"Globalization has made the world economy more integrated, more efficient and more susceptible to disruption than ever before in our history."

Brent Scowcroft
Former National Security Advisor 
Strategy Partner, Torch Hill Investment Partners


Established in 2005, Torch Hill Investment Partners, L.L.C., (“Torch Hill”) was founded on the union of financial expertise and unrivaled security sector knowledge. This unique arrangement offers compelling advantages in delivering investors attractive returns in today’s turbulent and complex geopolitical environment.

Torch Hill provides growth capital to domestic and international companies that play vital roles in supply chain integrity, defense, intelligence and civil and corporate security. These companies (1) provide products and services that assist governments in meeting security threats; and (2) provide solutions to corporations that mitigate risks to their physical and critical information assets. Strong private sector and government customer demand is expected to continue to drive growth in these markets.


Our investment focus is growth capital. Our strategy is to generate high returns by selecting well-positioned companies in fast-growing markets run by outstanding management teams that own significant equity stakes. While some of our investments may employ varying amounts of debt, building equity value by paying down high levels of debt is not our primary return driver.

We seek to provide our limited partners with valuable investment participation in a sector of the economy that is hard-to-access, fast-growing and critical to the nation’s physical and economic security. We expect to add value to our portfolio companies through industry expertise, insights into market demands and procurement processes, operational best practices and effective governance. The Fund makes both majority and minority investments – in all cases with Torch Hill principals playing an active role in partnership with management to optimize a Company’s value.