Torch Hill Investment Partners

Investment Team

William Parrish

Security expertise. Served as an Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security. Past associate professor of Homeland Security studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. Commanded the Marine Corps Security Force.

Brigadier General Jim Feigley, USMC, Ret.

Defense acquisition expert. Served as Director of the Marine Corps acquisition command. Consultant to industry and government. Serves on the boards of directors of both public and private companies in the defense and security market.

Art Brown

Twenty-five year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency and the former Chief Executive Officer of the US subsidiary of Control Risks Group, a London-based business risk consultancy.

Dr. James Richardson PhD, Mechanical Engineering.

Science and Technology expertise. Former Program Manager at the Defense Advanced Research Agency. Former Chief Scientist at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Patricio, USMC, Ret.

Defense acquisition expert. Owner and CEO of a defense service provider. Consultant to both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.

Chuck Jones

20 years experience in IT and IT Security with Citicorp, Sun Microsystems, RSA Security, BANKFIRST, Elemental Security and Applied Materials.

Roy Carter

IT and communications expertise. Former CEO of a large satellite communications provider. Former senior executive for IT in the Department of the Navy. Former senior executive with a large defense communications and IT service provider.

Brigadier General Matt Broderick, USMC, Ret.

Security expertise, to include command and control, use of drones, and cyber security. Served as an Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security. Experiences include wide range of defense, security, and hotel industry senior positions.

Colonel Jerry Durrant, USMC, Ret.

Security and military equipment expert. Served as director of security operations in Iraq for a large contractor to the U.S. military and Department of State. Consultant to industry, the Army, and the Marine Corps on both operations and individual equipment.